A Chaplain’s View

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I’m doing paperwork, speaking on the phone, visiting on a ward, or I’m on call at home watching Neighbours or fast asleep at midnight ……….. and the pager goes. I call the switchboard and the operator says “Hello, Marion, Labour Ward wants you”. The line goes silent as she connects me and my heart sinks in anticipation of what I … Read More

The Suitcase

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Imagine for a moment that you carry an invisible suitcase. You have had this suitcase all your life and you have carried it everywhere you have been. There are certain things about this suitcase which are important. Firstly the suitcase packs itself – you have no control over what is packed in the suitcase. You cannot open the suitcase – … Read More

Avoiding the Jelly Mould

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Many people who lose a baby also lose their confidence – it’s hardly surprising that when one of our most basic functions doesn’t function ‘correctly’ we start to question everything, and lose confidence both in the world around us and ourselves. To be suddenly faced with the very new, very frightening and very unfamiliar feelings of being a bereaved parent … Read More


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At the end of every rainbow It’s said there’s a crock of gold, But we know the real truth Of a little one we cannot hold. It’s been two years now Oh how the time has flown And thoughts of you keep rushing in Of times we should have known. We cannot hold you in our arms But in our … Read More

Reflections of a Grandmother

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The day our grandson Steven was born we were over the moon. “Our first Grandchild”. We were so proud of our daughter and son-in-law. But suddenly our world was torn apart when it became apparent that Steven would not survive. The six days that followed were the worst days of our lives. I had to cling on to the belief … Read More


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It is Mothers Day today. The ‘right’ day to begin writing. I am a Mum but today there will be no card or flowers. We had been trying for a baby for 4 years, this seemed a long time and in the end we really didn’t think about it and ‘it would happen when and if it happened’. I had … Read More

A Mother’s Story

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David’s death at 21 weeks was a real blow; it took 48 hours for me to give birth to the tiny little boy that I had already grown to love. Four pints of blood and quite a few painkillers later, I was discharged from hospital. Unlike the other mums, I had empty arms. The physical reminder, however, was still there. … Read More

Our First Child

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Anne and I were so happy when we first found out she was pregnant, we hugged and kissed and danced around the house. At first everything was fine, Anne wasn’t sick, she felt tired but was coping well, we went to the hospital together for her first scan which was great, there is something almost magical about seeing your baby … Read More

If Things Had Been Different

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15th September 1997 I had a telephone call tonight from my friend Diana, she lives in Aldershot – my home town – and I haven’t seen her since her 40th birthday party in July. We have been best friends since we were kids at school 27 years ago. We have shared a lot of laughter and tears over the years, … Read More

Alexander James

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It is hard to believe Alexander would have been three years old in September. To have had three years of parenthood, to have, I suppose, a little boy no longer a baby. Alexander will always be my baby, time has stood still for him. He came into this world and moved on within a day. We unfortunately could not move … Read More