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"To the world a baby - to us the world. Briefly in our lives forever in our hearts."

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In February we remember...

1st February 2011 - Emily Pamela Oliver - Gone but never forgotten, not even for a day, we love and miss you. Sleep well princess all our love Mummy and Daddy xxxx


1st February 2012 - Gabriel Dominic Forde - Forever in our hearts.


5th February 2011- Niamh Rose Garner - Our precious child, you are loved, today, tomorrow and always, love your amazing big sister, Isobel, your beautiful little sister, Caitlin and Mummy and Daddy.


6th February 1995 - Daniel James Moore Naidoo - “In small proportions we just beauty see and in short measure life may perfect be.” Twin to Chloe and brother to Ben, loved and missed every day. Mummy x and Daddy X


14th February - Poppie Jones - Our precious Poppie .... we think about you all the time and will never stop loving you. Forever in our hearts, all our love mummy & daddy xxxx


19th February 2010 - Our Louise - Born "sleeping" on the 19th Feb 2010. Whilst with us for too briefest of time, in our hearts for ever xx


19th February 1983 - Briony Dixon - stillborn. Remembered with love.


27th February 2006 - Amelia Rose Sharplesss- Gone but never forgotten not even for a day we love and miss you. Thank you for watching over and bringing us safely your Brother and Sisters. Sleep well princess all our love, hugs and floaty kisses Mummy, Daddy, Caroline, Alfie, Ella, Nanny, Grandad and your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins xxxxx



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