How will my fundraising help?

The sole purpose of our group is to provide support services at a local level. We achieve this through our:

  • 1:1 Befriending
  • Helpline
  • Hospital Bereavement Suites
  • Gardens
  • Newsletter
  • Leaflets and booklets
  • Memorial Events
  • Precious memory bags for parents
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Training of healthcare professionals
  • Website

Introducing Remem-bear, our fundraising mascot!

We are very grateful for any donations that we receive. Your support will help us continue to provide vital support to local families.
All fundraisers MUST be registered with Sands. You can request that all or part of your fundraising be used for group use. Please use this link to register and nominate Surrey Sands.
This is a simple way to collect sponsorship money online, but please contact our fundraising coordinator for guidance on the process (
To order personalised official sponsorship forms please email your requirements to

Ways to fundraise

In memoriam sponsored event

This is one of the most meaningful ways you can help us, so that we can continue to help you. It is entirely your own choice how you choose to raise funds in memory of your beloved child.

Some previous ideas have been sponsored diet / walk / runs, tea parties, raffles, competitions, sale of hand made items……the list is endless.
What is most important is that it is something you are doing in memory of your child, and in the process you are raising the profile of our charity. The amount you raise is not as important as the priceless reward you feel for taking part.

Funeral donations

Assuming you are reading this before the funeral of your precious baby, please consider nominating donations to Surrey Sands in lieu of flowers. In the long run you too will benefit from the support we provide.

By making your donation directly to Surrey Sands you will be supporting other bereaved parents in your local area – some of whom you will meet at groups and events.

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope so that a receipt can be forwarded.

Legacy Giving

Our own departure is not something any of us like to think about. What is important is that we make our wishes clear in advance of the event. The simplest way is to write a will. If it is your wish to support Surrey Sands you may choose to make a donation from your estate, alternatively you may choose to request donations to Surrey Sands in lieu of flowers.

Whilst you shop

You can sign up with easyfundraising, nominate Surrey Sands and raise funds for FREE every time you shop online with over 2700 retailers. To find out more please visit:

Online donation

You can do this simply online into our Just Giving Account.

Ad hoc donations

Those who attend any of our events will now be familiar with the donations bucket! Please give generously as it helps cover the costs of providing such events, for which we rarely charge.