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23rd June 2011 - Angel Watson - Our beautiful baby girl, always in our hearts, and we love and miss you every day. Fly high precious baby girl. Love, Mommy, Daddy and your little baby sister Isabella xxx

24th June 2014 - Lucas Christopher Berry - our precious baby boy forever and always. You are our darling, our angel, our star, and our love will find you wherever you are. Love you always, Mummy, Daddy and your big brother Thomas xxx

26th June 2010 - Kian Davey - born 24/6/10. Forever in our hearts, forever loved Mummy, Daddy, Shauna xxxx

28th June 2011 - Our dearest darling Bobby we miss you so much. Forever in our hearts. Love Mummy, Daddy, Abigail and Ellie xxxx

3rd July 2011 - Jessica Louise Grace Clements-Jones - Our beautiful baby girl, we will love and miss you always. Not a day goes by that you are not in our hearts and in our thoughts. You will be with us always. I know you are being looked after in heaven until the day Mummy and Daddy come to look after you. Keep watching over us our perfect angel. Everyone sends big kisses and cuddles to you. Love Mummy, Daddy, your big sister Issabelle, big brother Oscar and little sister Madeleine xxxxxxx

6th July 2009 - Conor Murphy-Adshead - 22 weeks and 3 Days, Faro, Portugal. Not a day goes by where I am not thinking about you or dreaming about you at night.....I see the stars twinkle down and I know you are there, my Angel in Heaven, shine down on me and give me strength......I hold you forever in my heart until we meet again.....God Bless Little One.....Tá mo chroí istigh a chrá (My heart is broken) XXX

8th July 2010 - Jessica Lynn Gillian Lathwell - my beautiful baby girl Jessica born sleeping 39+3. We miss you more than words could ever say. Always in our hearts and thoughts, sleep tight until the day we meet again. Lots of floaty kisses love Mummy, Ben, Dylan and Faith xxx love you Jessie xx

14th July 2012 - Zachary James Benedict Stephens - Our perfect baby boy, born too late. With daddy's feet and mummy's nose, you will forever be in our hearts, Button . We love you and miss you so much. Sleep tight, love mummy and daddy. xxx

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6th April 2018 - Archie Kevin Vandepeer - You are and will forever be our perfect little boy. We will never forget you and will think about you every single day. We love and miss you so much, mummy and daddy xxxx

24th - 26th December 2016 - Gus Peter John Churcher - Our precious second son - so wonderful to think of but so hard to be without. Life doesn't feel right without you, wishing it had turned out differently. Dearly missed every day. Loved forever by Mummy, Daddy and big brother Arthur xxx

5th October 2013 - Joseph Liam Belton - To our first born son, we love you and miss you, love from mummy, daddy and your little brothers Leo & Samuel xxx

23 November 2011 - Remembering our beautiful daughters Mia and Evie who were born too soon. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. All our love Mummy, Daddy, and your little sisters Isabella and Sofia xxxxxx

20th August 2015 - Elliott Collins - little brother to Georgia & Annabel, you were so loved and wanted, and are missed every day. Hope wherever you are that you, Louis (Oct 2013) and Maya (Sept 2014) are together xxxx Mummy and Daddy

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