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21st November 2007 - Lilly Amber Bowman - Our little angel Lilly R.I.P.

In our thoughts over the coming month

23 November 2011 - Remembering our beautiful daughters Mia and Evie who were born too soon. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. All our love Mummy, Daddy, and your little sisters Isabella and Sofia xxxxxx

23rd November 2010 - Michael Thomas John Godden - our precious baby boy who was born sleeping who we miss each and every minute of everyday, a very much wanted baby. We love you so much and can't wait to be with you again. Fly high our shinning star love Mummy, Daddy and little sister Krystal-may x x x x x x

17th - 26th November 2009 - Florence Daphne Rabelle - Our beautiful little star, we miss you every single day. Tu restes toujours dans nos cœurs. All our love Mummy &

26th November 2012 - Fia Alongi - born on 26th November,gone but never forgotten,we miss you every day. Love you always Mummy, Daddy and big sister Gabriella xxxx

27th November 2009 - Chloe Joan Wyatt - who danced for nine months but was sadly born still. Always in our hearts. Xx

27th November 2010 - Scarlett Sherlock - our much wanted and loved baby girl. A moment in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts. Mummy & Daddy, Libby, Zach and your little sister Alexia x

27th November 2011 - Ellie May Jones - Our precious angel who we longed for. You went through so much in your short time. Your light will always shine on. Frankie and Poppie are with you now play peacefully among the stars our precious angels. Love and big hugs, mummy and daddy. xxx

7th December 2002 - Emily Jane Cook - born asleep,Always in our thoughts forever in our hearts. We miss you every day, you are with us every step of the way and have given us so much strength in your passing away. We love you. Mummy, Daddy, James and Matthew xxxx

7th December 2006 - Maisie Kathleen Cowdery - Born asleep,Forever in our hearts and thoughts. We love and miss you so much baby girl. Lots of love forever, Mummy, Daddy, Robert and Aaron x x x x

10th December 2011 - Eloise Bond - Forever in my thoughts and greatly loved and missed.

10th December 2013 - Daniel Patrick Liddy (born sleeping) and 23rd December 2013 - Sofia Francesca Liddy (born and died) - our beautiful twins, we love and miss you every day, sweet dreams our angels. Lots of love Mummy & Daddy x x

1st - 13th December 1995 - Christian Terence Charles Wheddon - you are still missed and never forgotten,we know your spirit is looking out for your younger brothers and sister. You will always hold a special place within our family. Happy Birthday. Love Mummy, Daddy, Harvey, Evalina and Max xxxx

18th December 2008 - Alexander Jan Krause - remembering you, our precious first-born son. 40 weeks in Mummy's tummy, forever in our hearts. Your tiny feet left such a big imprint on our lives. We love you and we miss you, until we meet again, your Mama & Papa xxx

17th - 19th December 1985 - Kerry Dixon - a Neonatal death. Remembered with love.

23rd December 2006 - Oliver Ashley Ethan Sung Tung Tang - You are forever in our thoughts and hearts little one. Lots of love from Mummy and Daddy xx

Recently added memoriams

16th November 2017 - Joseph Alika Kealoha-Lopez - I may have only held you for a moment, but I will hold you in my heart forever. We love you Joseph.

29th December 2014 - Jacob Kealoha-Lopez - You may have only been here for but a moment, but you have left a very big impression on my heart. We love you Jacob.

6th April 2018 - Archie Kevin Vandepeer - You are and will forever be our perfect little boy. We will never forget you and will think about you every single day. We love and miss you so much, mummy and daddy xxxx

24th - 26th December 2016 - Gus Peter John Churcher - Our precious second son - so wonderful to think of but so hard to be without. Life doesn't feel right without you, wishing it had turned out differently. Dearly missed every day. Loved forever by Mummy, Daddy and big brother Arthur xxx

5th October 2013 - Joseph Liam Belton - To our first born son, we love you and miss you, love from mummy, daddy and your little brothers Leo & Samuel xxx

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