We have a range of books and other materials that members can borrow that may help on your journey.

To borrow a book from the library, please contact surrey.sands@btinternet.com

Author Title
Arnott.P No Time To Say Goodbye
Clemente.M Living with Leo
Don .A Fathers Feel Too
Fanthorpe.L Thoughts and Prayers for the Bereaved
Fumia.M A Child at Dawn; The Healing memory.
Gilbert.K and Smart.L Coping with Infant or Fetal Loss: The Couples Healing Process.
Hansen.D I Hate This – A Play Without the Baby
Harper.A Remembering Michael.
Hayton.A Not Out of Mind.
Holford.K The Loneliest Grief
Jolly.J Missed Beginnings: Death Before Life ha Been Established.
keenor .H A Star for Bobby
Kubler-Ross.E On Children and Death
Longhurst.D Amy: Our Little Bit of Heaven.
Lothrop.H Help Comfort and Hope After Losing Your Baby in Pregnancy or the First Year.
Merrington.B Suffering Love: Coping with the Death of a Child.
Merton.C Alice a Journey
Mirren.E and The Compassionate Friends. Our Children.. Coming to Terms with the loss of a Child: Parents own Stories.
Munsch.R Love You Forever
Murphy.S Talking About Miscarriage
National Childbirth Trust Brief Lives
Peachey.C Soul Mates: Blessed by little Angels
Polley. K Sam and Finn
Radestad.I When a Meeting is also a Fairwell.
Ruskin.D A Candle For Lisa
Sands When a Baby Dies
Sands Pregnancy Loss and the Death of a Baby: Guidelines for Professionals.
Savage.J Toby’s Tiny Tot
Speake.S Where did I go wrong. A mothers Story
Schwiebert.P We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But we had an Angel Instead
St.Catherine’s Hospice A Child’s Questions about Death
Stickney.D Water Bugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Children
The Child Bereavement Trust Grieving after the Death of your Baby.
Varley.S Badgers Parting Gifts
Wakeling.B How I came to hold you
Wilhelm.H I’ll Always Love You
Wilkinson.S Thomas a Lifetime Denied
Wilkinson.T The Death of a Child: A Book for Families.
Worth.J When a Baby Dies
DVD Return To Zero ( this film is more about raising awareness and subsequent pregnancies following a loss, rather than support)

There are also a number of books available to buy from the Sands shop, including ‘Finding Zoe’ (see Brief Lives Remembered, the only UK organisation specialising in tracing the resting place of baby’s who were stillborn or died many years ago).