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At the end of every rainbow
It's said there's a crock of gold,
But we know the real truth
Of a little one we cannot hold.


It's been two years now
Oh how the time has flown
And thoughts of you keep rushing in
Of times we should have known.


We cannow hold you in our arms
But in our hearts you're here,
And when I see your tiny face
I shed a little tear.


For our darling granddaughter Bailey Jade on your
2nd birthday. Thinking of you always and longing for the special
times we should have shared.
Granny and Grampy


Your stay was so short
My little one, down what centuries
of light did you travel
to reach us here your stay so short lived;
in the twinkling of an eye
you were moving on
bearing our name and
all the emotions we feel for you;
flashed upon us like a beacon
we wait in darkness for that light
to come around, knowing at heart
you shine forever for us

(Adapted from Hugh O'Donnell, SDB)


When you look into the sky
and see a shining star
Think of me and send a kiss
I'm never very far


When you see the moonlight
dancing on the sea
Feel a kiss brush on your cheek
That's a kiss from me


When the sun is bright upon
the fields and
there's flowers everywhere
If you look a little closer
You'll see me - over there


When the snow is falling hard
and sparkling on the ground
feel the flakes upon you face
and know that I'm around


When you see a glistening raindrop
or the grass all covered in dew
Don't let your heart feel heavy
Just remember "I love you"


So when you're thinking of me
Please don't feel all a sad
because I am your special baby
and you are my mum and dad.


Mandi Morton


We'll love you 'till the end of time
And a little bit beyond,
For between us now for evermore
Lies a golden bond
Of love, from parents to a child
We had no chance to know
Yet cherished in our hearts always
That live will ever grow.


Sue Young


Baby Micky

Every day when the sun begins to rise
We take a deep breath and we open our eyes.
The first thing we think of and the first thing we see,
Is a beautiful angel sleeping so peacefully.
He opens his eyes and looks into our souls,
And sends us more love to fill in the holes.
We tell him we miss him and love him so dear,
He whispers he knows this and that he's always here.
"Then why can't we hold you and stroke your silky hair,
And kiss you and cuddle you and tell you that we care?"
He tells us that we did all this, right from the very start,
So please don't cry, remember this, keep it in your heart.
Now all we have are memories, when all we want is you,
We had you for the briefest time, then out of our lives you flew.
So when we look up to the sun above,
We know that you are there lighting us with love.
There in nights blanket sits a big bright star,
You seem a million miles away, but really you're not that far.
You sparkle, you twinkle for all of us to see,
You safeguard the night, our sweet precious Micky.
Now when it rains and makes a river with our tears,
We'll look up to the heavens and put away our fears.
For sailing down that river to where the rainbow ends,
Is our Darling Micky, you see broken hearts he mends.
He's with us every moment, peeping through a cloud,
He never leaves our sides, whether alone or in a crowd.
As the seasons change and life passes us all by,
We'll still shed a tear for Micky, why did you have to fly?
You'll always be our darling son, our one and only first born,
No different to any other child, except from our arms you were torn.
So wait for us Dear Micky, mummy and daddy won't be long,
Look down on us from heaven, which is where you now belong.
Be at peace little baby and make lots of friends,
And keep our place warm, until this story ends.


Karen Docherty

My Missing Piece

62 years I have been searching
for my missing piece-
At 21 they told me it was for the best
I tried so hard to believe.
At 21 I cried and they told me I
should pull myself together
I tried so hard to believe
I tried so hard to stop.
At 21 they told me there would be other children
I tried so hard to see it their way.
At 21, alone I went on as if nothing had happened.


At 26 there were more children
They said, "See, everything is wonderful"
I said, "Yes, and it was, but my piece was still missing.
Secretly, I thought I must be a bad mother-
I should be happier.
And so life went -
A creeping sadness I couldn't shake.


62 years I waited for someone to ask,
And to say "How hard for you."
Someone said it, and the missing piece has been found, reborn.
My baby, my child, my dreams
You were my first step into
believing in the future
You were my child, my missing piece.
So many years I was isolated
from you and myself-
Now my pain is clear
I still don't know WHY, but I
know I have a right to grieve
And remember
And acknowledge what you
mean and meant to me.
Strange, now at 83 I truly feel I
can go on.




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